Saturday, October 2, 2010

more things to talk about

okay the polls are done ,with 23 votes!! barrel roll won of course... Tap R and Z twice!!!!
2nd place=duck roll(YAY duck roll...<,<) rick roll got 9 votes idea why.. and egg roll and wat roll got 8 each they share last place together...
and derp and yes for your gay ,so have fun with the buttsecks...fag

heres a ramble from me ( im just talking here lol....)
so does anyone think that the government plans to fake the threat of an alien invasion so they can get more money for military and defense spending and to expand the governments power.they had plans for this 80-90s tho never went thu with it, the whole UN alien ambassador imo so far is BS atm ...they have faked alot of things so they have a purpose to invade places like what they did with cuba, shoot down there own planes(drones w/same #s as the planes they are saying that were shot down while the real plane w/pilot lands at a close landing strip and gets its #'s changed) they do it alot

okay if anyone would like me to give full reports about stuff like this let me know and each post ill talk about something else , everything i well say well not follow conspiracys but i well point out if there is a conspiracy linked to w/e i talk about , leave your comment below if you wanna hear about what i know of non high media things


  1. your last comment on my blog was a good idea!

  2. not a UFO conspiracy theorist here

  3. Interesting read, keep it up man.

  4. talk about game remakes that actually ruined the original game

  5. Hmm i hadn't heard about any of this before ><

    anyway just showing some love :)

  6. I never said anything about UFO conspiracy theory . I was just saying they were planing on doing this awhile back no conspiracy about it. Sorry if it seems as tho I was talking about a conspiracy . I was not.I was saying I will only state facts and if any conspiracy are link to them i well point it out, but I will not go in much detail about it because I do not care for them so much.I would rather just know truths and not some BS someone made on the internet.

  7. Excellent post most, I love your blog so far!