Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few things today

heres a 8-bit D&D ,very funny even if you never played D&D, watch it now !

the polls end tomorrow morning
heres a short video funny shit

there were no question i saw in the last post , so later guys oh one more thing one day left to vote if you care too

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

another video i find funny

hello today ive got this video that had me laughin these guys are funny id if its a show or not but its funny
Idk if its scripted but everthing on tv is but its funny

have fun with this >.> theres a video here dare you to watch it

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1 of my favorite directors on youtube

okay this isnt like the wtf video in the last post lol

Heres another drawing and coloring. If i knew how to color well the cut open body would prolly look
better and  lol at the black outline around his arms,sigh..i need to fix it, this is my 3rd Ps did it week ago
I stoped at this one . I'm working on another ,but been on here my free time so anyways have
a good day. No funny pic today the video will provide plenty. 

questions answered from the post before
sure use it as wallpaper ,usally ppl just take stuff so cool of you to ask lol
ppl asked if the harry potter pic was real , yes it was it just never made it to the film...
idk if its gay cause you got a semi , ill have it as a poll
yes i have a few more drawings i could post
and thanks for telling me how to make my videos shorter

Monday, September 27, 2010

alright , lets see

New poll up some one asked for it ~ i gave

so to fill up this blank space next to this picture of

some fags , ill just write some nonsense about them ,

they are fags , wait thats just the turth , anyways thats

enough filling space ....kinda maybe, IF i space the

sentences trying it now
Ok it worked ~

moving on heres a video that you may find strange cause i sure did, the moon is creepy ? yes he is... but the whole show is well idk , have fun watching it <,<; tell me what you think if you have time to watch it lol

and heres another drawing of mine if you guys wanna see it this is my second atemp at coloring on PS i wanna go over it again cause i see stuff i wanna fix heh

Sunday, September 26, 2010

heres your answer to my drawing before it was shoped

looks a little funny huh :p 
i had a complete different idea, but ive only had photoshop for a week so im still getting used to it , got more if anyone wants to see em , i dont spend too much time on em tho lol as you can see this one is not done xD

heres the one you see on my account thumbnail or w/e
Not much happened yesterday. I might post a little later today again.I've been working on an isolation room for the studio here where I live. It's a 9" wall its around 4'x4' room .Almost completely sealed now . Its going well imo .

heres a picture i drew and Shoped

heres another favorite tom green clip i like

Saturday, September 25, 2010

an ablum release im looking forward too

Its Mushroomhead it comes out in 3 more days, i like all the other albums they have. They are a metal band, that you can understand when they sing,and not say what the fuck are they saying... The one single called "come on" is okay. I hope the album has more to offer tho ,like there older ones.

Heres a cute picture of a dog....or is that a cat....oh well w/e it is

Random Clip that i think is funny

Friday, September 24, 2010


Orphan is a bit old but if you havent watch it ,watch it. Its a great movie kinda long 2hrs,but its a good story well directed , and the cast is great

Thursday, September 23, 2010

love it .....NOW!

figured my page need this ....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 happened....EHS

My two cases of Exploding head syndrome (yes sounds dumb to me also....)
Well let me start out with what happened a month ago.

I feel asleep face down.and am face down the whole time all this happened. Sometime alittle after I woke up to  hear a song in my head.The song ,a song I like(was a mushroomhead song) started playing in my head , it was originating from the center of my head ,sounding like I was listening to it live it was really loud loud.I thought it was really cool also,because I was singing along But then, it happened this unbelievably lound static noise started to over power this already loud song coming from my head.It lasted for 2 seconds,these two second i had a very high heart rate (Heart rate was bad.Felt like i was gonna die lol) Then again got hit with another loneger static noise and increased heart rate ( I feel sorry for others who have this happened to them lol)
Well after the second static noise I felt something grab my ankle ( It didnt scary me cause i was already like wtf with my heart rate and these loud noises) it felt like this "hand"  was pulling me off my bed I felt atleast 10" of me moving towards the end of the bed,quite abit of distance. Well I did not turn around,get up,ect  I used my other foot and made a brushing movement with it on my ankle . I felt nothing and figured nothing was there , but I did feel it lol. While all that hand/ankle BS was going on i kept getting these static noises and increased heart rate , all in all it lasted about idk 15 seconds or more not sure .

Yes i know the whole ankle thing sounds retarded also maybe its part of the EHS idk and maybe my jeans were rolled up alittle , maybe they were not I didnt check at the time due to me wondering wtf just happened. But I did feel this feeling of movement pulling me back and down at the same time ,felt like I was being pushed into the bed and being pulled off it at the same time. I also felt a sense of seeing what grabed me(not sure how to describe it I sorta saw myself and the hand on my ankle,tho the view at which I saw it I could see my whole body,but only just the "hand" on my ankle and not of the arm connected to it lol), maybe this was because I was in this half awake/half sleep state like others describe with EHS ,not sure.
but it felt real.
The whole hand thing didnt bother me as much as the loud as hell static noise, thought I was gonna go deaf no joke ,tho everything seems fine with my ears,and the heartrate thing was the worst I really felt like my heart was gonna explode or stop working  xD

After that night I always wanted it to happen again just to feel it again ,so maybe that I could describe it more , understand it better  doesnt seem like its gonna help tho cause last night it happened to me and same thing happened again. This time no music no "hand" or feelings of movements tho. but again loud ass static noises and and increased heart rate .Also I did feel (sensed?) i could see myself.
Out of body experiences? No fucking idea - out of body expiences sounds fucking retarded if you ask me(I belive somethings but that sounds kinda dumb,tho if it happens to me again ill think about it lol).tho I felt something along that line idk.

and as for - could all this have been a dream? I very highly doubt it ,if you ask me it 100% felt real , and after my heart rate was so high I could not go back to sleep i was up not tired at all...

I can imagine why ppl would get insomnia ect from this , I didnt wanna sleep the next night , tho I did cause part of me , like I said wanted it to happen again.  well I have rambled way too much im gonna stop here I could write all day....